New Music Video Released 5/14/20!


"We are fighting you now....We are fighting you so we can breathe"

We Are Fighting You Now‚Äč is the new single and music video by Ami Saraiya & The Outcome that speaks to the surreal nature of our current cultural moment and the injustices so many are facing today. The release is accompanied by an equally surreal animated video by Chicago multimedia artist Gretchen Hasse.

The video takes the viewer on a journey from the countryside, to the city, all the way to the bottom of the sea and the outer reaches of space, always pursued by and always fighting a faceless, insatiable beast. We are fighting those who would consume us, and the only answer is to keep loving, and keep fighting.

With Music Production by the marvelous composer/producer Mark Messing and instrumentation by Outcomers Marc Piane, Shirley Rogiers, Daniel Villarreal-Carrillo, Gary Kalar, and Courtney Glascoe

The song is available for download on bandcamp.  All proceeds go to non-profit organization National Bail Out.  National Bail Out collective is a Black-led and Black-centered collective of abolitionist organizers, lawyers and activists building a community-based movement to support black folks and end systems of pretrial detention and ultimately mass incarceration.

Ami Saraiya started writing this song soon after the death of Nelson Mandela.  She tells us more about the birth of this song below: 

"I was thinking about the terrible oppression Nelson Mandela and his people had fought against in South Africa and how after much perseverance they were able to break free.  I thought about the fight for freedom by my own ancestors in India being ruled by the British for centuries, the civil rights movement in the U.S. fighting Jim Crow.  It's terrible to think about how this oppression continues to exist around the world and in our own backyard.  Only a few months later in 2014, I heard about the horrible tragic murder of Eric Garner by a police officer who continued using deadly excessive force despite protestations by Mr. Garner that he couldn't breathe.  This and countless other terrible deaths and stories of police brutality shed light on how systematic racism continues to exist in our policies and institutions.  How our corrupt system is rigged to exploit and strangle the poor and marginalized people of this country to benefit the greedy filthy rich few.  

But it isn't all hopeless. We have seen the world change for the better when we have stood up together against  oppression through movements like the civil rights, anti-apartheid, women's suffrage, black lives matter, LGBTQ rights, workers rights, indigenous rights movements and so many more.  Change can happen...if we see it through as we have before.   I wanted my song to be a protest song that also embodied this spirit of hopeful possibility. 


I had completed the song in 2014 and the Outcome and I had been performing it for years, but we didn't actually record it until 2017 with our favorite producer Mark Messing.  We took our time trying to find the right director/animator and finally met Gretchen Hasse in the winter of 2018.  When the video was finally completed in March 2020, all hell started to break loose as we fell into a global pandemic and these terrible social inequalities were brought more to light.  We were thinking we wouldn't release the video until later in the summer, but our protest song seemed too appropriate for the moment. I wanted to help spread a hopeful fighting message during these bleak times, so we released it earlier in May.  A week after we released, George Floyd was murdered adding to the list of countless black people brutalized and murdered at the hands of white police with little to no recourse for those responsible.  Floyd was held down by police pleading that he can't breathe just as Eric Garner had been.  Protests and social unrest have broken out all over the country and is going on as we speak.  The lyrics eerily fit so much of what is happening.  I just hope the rest of it comes true and we finally break free of the racism and oppression that holds us back."


3/25/19 Ami Saraiya featured on Rise Up Music

New Release by Ami Saraiya on the Rise Up Music ProjectTree Ode

Today we've got a new gem for you from Chicago's Ami Saraiya, who shares brand new music inspired by the immovable influence of our giant leafy forest friends. A perfect opportunity to get grounded as you start your week.

The rise up music project is based on the idea that personal storytelling and art have the potential to be forms of activism if created with intention and with some examination of our identity and our place in the world. So with that in mind, six musicians are writing (including Stacy Erenberg!), recording and sharing a new song every week all year. We’re writing as ourselves, with songs and recordings that reflect the ups and downs of the year. Every Monday, we are joined by a new one-time guest contributor. This Monday 3/25/19 - Ami Saraiya is our guest contributor.




3855 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL

Yes folks! It's the world premier of our new Razor Blade video filmed by the great Logan Hall starring the Outcome with a super sexy burlesque performance by Shirley Cean Rogiers, Daniel Villarreal-Carrillo as the evil magician sawing yours truly in two, Courtney Glascoe as the magician assistant, Marc Piane as the ex-lover bastard deserver of vengeance, Gary Kalar as an innocent bystander just trying to get a shave, and many of our dear friends as extras.  You don't want to miss this!!

Plus music by the amazing Travel Guide and Blue Eyed Jesus

8pm, $8  Buy tix in advance before they sell out


WBEZ 91.5 FM April Residency on Morning Shift Mondays w/Tony Sarabia

That's right! During the month of April 2013, Ami Saraiya & the Outcome grace the WBEZ 91.5 FM (Chicago NPR satellite) airwaves as the inaugural Monday Residency band.  Hear them play instrumentals between news stories and also a few full songs each week - some that they've never played before live or elsewhere.  Listen to sessions below

Daytrotter Session up 4/17/2013!

Last month we recorded a live session at the famous Daytrotter studios in Rock Island, IL including our new tune, "Help Me."  Listen to the Daytrotter Session

Help us create the stop animation video for our tune "Purging"


The fundraiser for our (Ami Saraiya & The Outcome's) new "Purging" stop animation video has just gone live through the wonderful 3Arts organization!   We're asking for your monetary support to help us realize this vision and to support the great Chicago visual artists that are working on the video in exchange for some great gifts for donations includ

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your name in the video credits, personalized t-shirts, a serenade from yours truly, a song written just for you, a stop animation video for you, and more. 

To donate and for m

ore information about the project including a sneak peak of the animation artwork and to see rewards for gifts, go to this link:

A sample of some of the animation artwork (by Cassandra Mazur):


Thank you so much for all of your support!  We truly appreciate it.

Ami & The Outcome
"I'm Pregnant" Video Release 8/15/12 at Lincoln Hall w/The Heligoats and Jon Drake & The Shakes


Our big Video Release show for the tune "I'm Pregnant" from our new album "Soundproof Box."  Video directed by Michael Saint-Aubin

w/Jon Drake and The Shakes and The Heligoats

But tix in advance by clicking here

Ami Saraiya Receives the 3Arts Award 2011!

Ami Saraiya has been named as one of the 12 recipients of the 3Arts award for 2011!!  Check out Ami's 3arts profile/video here:  Ami Saraiya Many great things to come with the award.  Driven by the belief that the vitality and creative spirit of Chicago is reliant upon a diverse spectrum of artistic voices, 3Arts advocates for women artists, artists of color, and artists with disabilities working in the performing, teaching, and visual arts. Through the program, twelve artists receive a large cash reward to put to use according to their individual needs and priorities—no strings attached.

Ami & The Outcome on Tour!

Ami & The Outcome are in the process of booking their eastern and southeastern Tours for the fall/winter 2011.  Full U.S. tour with the realease of their new upcoming album in spring 2012

If you'd like Ami Saraiya & The Outcome to play at your venue, send a message to 

EP release scheduled for March 10, 2011 at Schubas

Yes, it's finally true - Ami Saraiya & The Outcome's EP release is set for March 10th, 2011 at Schubas.  We've been working hard with our friends at Maestro-matic studios and are in the process of mixing. (Press contact for EP release: JP at Little Priest PR /  

Full album set to be released Summer/Fall 2011.

New single and video "We Are Fighting You Now" released 5/14/20!  Track also available for purchase on bandcamp.  

New Ami & The Outcome T-shirts now available for sale online!  Click on t-shirt image to purchase. 

New 2-song EP "Razor Blade Sharp" available for purchase on bandcamp! Released October, 2013.  

Full length album, Soundproof Box  available for purchase on bandcamp! Released June 19, 2012

Full length album, Archaeologist available for purchase at CD Baby

Preview tunes from the album at our music page.  Released September, 2009

7" vinyl EP "Purging" (2011).  Email to purchase